Angles of Elevation and Depression

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The notes from todays lesson – covering Angles of Elevation and Depression.

Slides (not annotated)

Annotated Examples

Remember the angle is always taken to the horizontal.

An annoying YouTube video about this topic

Yr 11 Accelerated Timeline

The timeline we will be following

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For those needing a quick refresher on how to evaluate angles on the unit circle – for the HSC content simply substitute with radians

and a slightly different version

Simultaneous Equations

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Lesson 1 covered solving simultaneous equations by substitution – Lesson Notes  – Solving by substitution Lesson 2 covered solving simultaneous equations by elimination – Lesson Notes – Solving by elimination

The first lesson covered radians – a measure of angle

First Lesson Notes – Radians

The second lesson covered – the special angles and radians.

Second Lesson Notes

For those Year 11’s having trouble finding the Facebook group it is

Year 9 Tessellation Investigation

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The word document associated with this activity

Year 9 Tesselations and Shapes project 2013